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Traveller Evictions Throughout the UK

Traveller Evictions Nationwide

Under common law every landowner has the right to remove trespassers from their land using reasonable force if required. This right can be delegated to the landowner’s agent.

K9 Mobile Security offer a service removing unauthorised occupiers/travellers also known as gypsies from land owned by their clients, without the expense and delay of having to go through the court system.

We can usually deploy a response team the same day, anywhere in the UK as to start the eviction process as quick as possible for our clients.

Retained by property developers, insurance companies, landlords, local and national government, private and public limited companies and others we provide what we consider to be an unrivalled service to our clients in the eviction of illegal occupiers and travellers from unauthorised sites throughout the whole of England.

The main advantage of Common Law eviction is the speed in which evictions can be carried out – often as little as 24hrs. The speed of the response can help to lessen the amount of damage caused to land and buildings, as well as reduce the opportunity for theft from premises. Acting fast to remove illegal occupiers can also help to reduce fly tipping and general waste left behind thus reducing potentially expensive clear up costs.

K9 Mobile Security act using totally lawful methods.

The same common law powers apply equally to commercial premises where entry can be gained without breaching section 6 of the Criminal Law Act.

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