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Things to do in Plymouth (UK) in 2018

Plymouth UKPlymouth is a bustling modern city located in the Southwest of the UK. And if you are living in that area, or if you are visiting as a tourist, then you should know that there are a lot of things that you can do for fun! There is no reason to be bored at all if you are around Plymouth city. There are a ton of treats, sights, and activities that you may try out.  Here are sights to see, food to try out, places to visit and generally stuff to do in Plymouth for the year 2018.

  1. Visit the museums

There is a wide range of tourist attractions in Plymouth, from cultural life to sporting events to shopping and art. And one of their main tourist’s attractions is their museums. The two main museums are the National Marine Aquarium, which has the largest collection of sharks and rays in Europe, and the Municipal Museum-Gallery.

  1. Sample fresh food

The city enjoys a divine location, between the sea and lush farmland. Although there are no signature dishes from Plymouth itself, the area has some fabulous produce. Of course, seafood is the main star, with several crab fishing spots where you can try to catch some of them yourself. The surrounding farms also produce quality meat and have some unique breeds of cattle, including the Red Devon.

  1. Explore the coast and admire the view

There are a lot of old towers that offer stunning views of the area around Plymouth. Try climbing the tower of Smeaton, which was built in Plymouth in 1884. A multitude of other points along the coasts of Devon and Cornwall deserve to be explored for their beaches and coves.

  1. Visit the national park

The Dartmoor National Park, with its heathland covered with heather, is also a spectacular area. You can explore the stunning woodland in the Dartmoor national park. There are also some camping spots that are offered for tourists within the Dartmoor National Park.

  1. Catch a play

The Royal Theater features some of the biggest productions in the UK. And there is always a play being showcased at this theater.

  1. Listen to some live music

For concerts, tourists may want to head to the Pavillion. Big shows and many musical stars have played on the stage of the Pavillion. And if you are visiting the city, you may just catch your favourite musical act.

  1. Explore the gardens and historic mansions

There are a number of mansions and gardens around Plymouth, including Mount Edgcumbe House, one of only three Grade I listed gardens in Cornwall.

  1. Head for the festivals

The Summer Festival from July to September includes music shows, exhibitions and of course the famous race, the America’s Cup.

  1. Try out the local cuisine

You should also taste the local tarts and pastries, packed with the best meats and vegetables, all grown and bred locally. There are also a number of local shops that sell locally produced pastries.

  1. Shop at local street stores

The city’s old port, its cobblestone streets welcome a number of galleries, art shops as well as numerous restaurants and bars, where you can dine after a shopping spree.

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