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In personal safety it’s what our competitors fail to tell you that’s most important!

We make sure you don’t put your lone workers in unprotected danger.

Your Personal Safety Device may have all the features in the world, but if you can’t be absolutely sure you’re connected, it’s useless – no connection = no protection.

With SOS from K9 Mobile Security, if your guards or lone workers feel threatened or in danger, you’ll never be left guessing their whereabouts again!

Working on either iPhone or Android and through the SOS browser or to other enabled phones, once triggered, it tracks the whereabouts of the worker. Should they feel threatened or in danger he or she presses the SOS ‘help’ panic button OR discreetly press the phone’s power button OR shake the phone which immediately sends an alert to the other enabled devices where their location is identified and tracked in real time. This super-fast and super-reliable application is an invaluable tool that greatly improves the safety of staff.

An addition to the SOS app, and an ideal compliment, is the SOS track me management function which allows you to monitor and track the movements of your staff. Once they reach a site they press the track me button enabling you to follow their route in real time and verify their actions.



Have a personal safety device already? Are you absolutely sure your current app or bespoke device has all these critical features?

  • Reassures you of the service availability. We challenge the phone network, world wide web and our own alarm platform in real time, and alert you of any failure thus allowing you to avoid putting yourself into harms way.
  • Tells you if GPS is unavailable, so you can pass your location in advance by telephone before proceeding into an unsafe area.
  • The SOS CMS platform independently detects loss of communication to your phone allowing the platform to take alternative action including sending a text message, or informing someone else.
  • Send SOS alarm by discreetly pressing your phone’s power button OR by shaking the phone OR pressing the large on-screen button.
  • Tells you the alert has been sent, but more importantly that the SOS CMS platform has successfully received it.
  • Alerts you that someone is viewing your alarm.
  • Sends 10 seconds of recorded audio from point of alarm, to assist verification of a real problem.
  • Continuously transmits your location whilst in an alarm, not only stating where you were, but also where you are now.
  • We send all information to Android and iOS smartphone, tablets and browsers.

Available from only £7 per month!

SOS Phones



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