Although each property owner in England deserves the respect of individuals not to trespass and loiter on their lands, the discovery of illegal encampments on private and commercially-owned properties has shown that not every traveller is willing to recognise this.

Traveller Eviction InfographicUnfortunately, the issue of unauthorised trespassers in Plymouth and surrounding areas has become difficult to ignore for many property owners. Furthermore, the issue becomes particularly problematic for landowners when these travellers – also referred to as ‘gypsies’ – display openly hostile, defiant, and even aggressive behaviour when faced with requests to vacate the property. Unwanted trespassers that behave aggressively can be frightening for landowners to deal with on their own – and understandably so.

What many English landowners who experience this issue are either unaware of, or feel hesitant to enforce, is the right of property owners to remove trespassers from their land using reasonable force if necessary, as stated under common law. This right can also be delegated under the landowner’s agent.

As a leading specialist security guarding company in Plymouth, K9 Mobile Security is fully-equipped with both the necessary expertise and supply of qualified guards to help you safely and legally remove unwanted travellers from your land.  Furthermore, by contacting our specialised security company, you can have the unauthorised travellers from your property without undergoing the extended and costly process of bringing the issue to court.

K9 Mobile Security is available to remove the unwanted travellers from your land quickly and efficiently. Outlined below is the general process through which we are able to provide our efficient traveller removal service, utilising appropriate force if necessary, as well as the deployment of appropriate regard for the wellbeing of all individuals involved.

How It Works

Start With Information About The SituationStage 1: Provide Information

The first stage of the eviction process begins with the initial contact we receive from potential customers regarding unwanted encampments on their property. These unauthorised individuals typically travel in caravans, though the number of individuals within their group – as well as the number of caravans they travel in – may vary.

When prospective customers contact K9 Mobile Security, it is generally to request a price for removing the individuals from their land. In order to provide an answer to this question, our company representative will ask for the following information:

  • The time and date that the travellers pitched up on your property ‒ If you are unsure of the exact time and date the occupiers arrived, we request that you give us your best approximations.
  • The number of caravans that are on-site ‒ The number of caravans present on your property will give our security advisor an approximate estimate of what they can expect as they arrive on the site to assist you. The number of individuals/caravans that have illegally settled may also determine the equipment that will be required for physical removal as needed, as well as amount of time the travellers will have to vacate your property following delivery of the served eviction notice.
  • Who owns the land ‒ If an individual other than whomever makes the call to our company representative owns the land, we will need this information. Our security team is lawfully able to remove trespassers from private properties, as well as commercial premises with reasonable access to entry without breaching section 6 of the Criminal Law Act.
  • If the caller/customer has had any communication with the travellers ‒ While some travellers have been reported to showcase aggressive or openly-hostile behaviour, not every group of travellers is entirely opposed to communication. Knowing whether or not you have attempted to communicate with these individuals, or have succeeded in communicating with them in some fashion, may give our security advisor indication of whether or not force may be necessary to perform the eviction service.

Due to the reports some individuals in the area have reported regarding dangerous behaviour by some of these trespassers, we recommend that individuals exercise caution when or if you attempt to communicate with the travellers. Whether or not the unauthorised individuals are displaying hostile or threatening behaviour, their presence on your privately-owned land without your consent nonetheless allows you your right to have them vacated from the property.

Risk AssessmentStage 2: Risk Assessment and Service Quote

The next stage of the process involves our security advisor carrying out a risk assessment based on the information provided by the potential customer. The number of personnel required to attend to the particular case will also be decided in order to:

  1. Serve the eviction notice.
  2. Carry out the eviction.

Following the risk assessment, we will be able to provide you with a quote in two parts:

  1. The fee to serve the notice to quit site.
  2. The fee for carrying out the eviction, if the travellers have not vacated the property in the time given on the notice.

The fees will be calculated as adequately determined by the information you have provided for us. By investing in our Traveller Eviction services, individuals dealing with trespassing issues are able to circumvent the costly intervention process involved in receiving eviction assistance through the court system.

In addition, K9 Mobile Security is usually able to deploy a response team the same day we have received contact and quote acceptance from the customer. Thus, customers do not have to wait an inordinate amount of time to have the uncooperative travellers safely and legally removed from your land.

Consent for RemovalStage 3: Customer Consent & Service Delivered by Dispatch Team

At this stage, customers may accept the quote provided to compensate the K9 Mobile Security traveller eviction services.

Following acceptance of the quote, K9 Mobile Security will promptly dispatch an eviction team – who are on standby 24/7 – to serve an eviction notice to the trespassers. This notice will provide 12-24 hours for the travellers to leave.

Once the eviction team has arrived on the premises, the team will deliver the notice to the unauthorised trespassers. The team will inform the individuals of a specified amount of time they have to vacate the property, and relay the consequences the travellers will face should they ignore the notice.

In some cases, the delivered notice by a team of specialised guards and bailiffs is persuasive enough to convince the travellers to voluntarily leave at this time. The amount of time specified by our guards will provide them with ample opportunity to leave of their own accord, or otherwise face physical removal.

K9 ArrivalStage 4: Arrival of Necessary Persons on the Premises

If the occupiers have not left the premises in the time stated on the notice, our Common Law eviction team will return to the designated site. Among the security team will be the other necessary persons and equipment required to complete this process, including:

  • A bailiff – Not necessary in every case, but may be required
  • Flatbed removal lorry(s) – to transport the caravans
  • Police – Subject to their availability, police officers may accompany the security team to prevent a breach of the peace.

At this point, once the necessary equipment and persons have arrived, the K9 Mobile Security team will inform the travellers that they have 30 minutes to vacate the land or otherwise be forcibly removed.

Traveller EvictionsStage 5: Safe Removal of Trespassers

At this stage, the K9 Mobile Security team will either stand-by as the travellers vacate the property of their own accord, or physically remove the individuals from the unauthorised site themselves.

If the former, the security team will serve as a support team to ensure that the travellers do not lash out or otherwise make any indication of hostile behaviour towards anyone present. In addition, the K9 Mobile Security team will ensure that there are no acts of theft as the occupiers move on.

If the latter scenario occurs, the security team will safely and lawfully remove the trespassers using necessary force. Although this can be unpleasant to witness, the security team will quickly and efficiently use the physical means necessary to ensure that the unauthorised travellers are removed from your land. Operating professionally under all circumstances, our security guards are trained to use the most efficient methods available to ensure that removal of the travellers is done lawfully, and without causing harm to your property.

Stage 6: Security Team Will Take Their Leave

Travellers will have left the site at this point, whether through voluntary action or forced removal. K9 Mobile Security, as well as any other summoned officials, will then leave the property in the hands of the owner/representative. We can also provide static guarding for a period of time after, to ensure the land stays secure.

Advantages of K9 Mobile Security

Quick Removal

We consider our security team eviction services for unauthorised persons to be unrivalled in speed and efficiency. As the trespassing of gypsies has become a widespread issue across the whole of England, K9 Mobile Security offers safe and lawful removal of travellers to ensure the protection of both the land and property owner.

K9 Mobile Security is typically able to deploy a response team the same day a customer calls in to request our services. We aim to arrive promptly on-site to make the eviction process as quick as possible for the convenience of our customers. In addition, once our security team has served the notice, the property will usually be vacated within approximately 24 hours.

The alternative eviction process to our services involves acquiring an eviction notice through the court system, which can take an extended amount of time. Appealing to the court for lawful eviction of the travellers can also be costly.

Therefore, to avoid both the delay and expense that accompanies appealing for an eviction notice through court, our Common Law eviction service offers the advantage of speed for safe removal of trespassers.

Reduce Potential for Theft

Contacting K9 Mobile Security allows you to reduce the potential for theft on your property as the trespassers voluntarily leave or are forcibly removed from the site. Although not applicable in every case, gypsies are known to occasionally steal or behave in a hostile manner when asked to vacate the land they have illegally occupied.

Therefore, by having a trained security team on standby – or actively performing physical removal – during this process, K9 Mobile Security can ensure the protection of your property. Acting quickly to remove the trespassers can also reduce fly tipping, as well as reduce the amount of general waste left behind by the travellers. This subsequently can lessen the expense of any clearing costs that may be applicable once the travellers themselves have been removed.

Accredited & Trained

Since 2009, K9 Mobile Security has served the community as a leading Specialist Security Guard company, providing thorough and effective security services throughout Plymouth and surrounding areas.

Our security team serves as an accredited member of the Victim Care Services Network and possesses several additional accreditations, including the following:

  • ISO 9001 accreditation
  • SMAS Worksafe Contractor accreditation
  • Member of the Department for the Work & Pensions Disability Confident Scheme
  • Registration with the Information Commissioner under the Data Protection Act number ZA041948
  • Associate members of the National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU)
  • Approved traders on the Buy with Confidence scheme

In addition, K9 Mobile Security only employs guards that have been licensed, fully trained, and are SIA-approved. This ensures total and quality security service for our customers as we perform the requested task.

Loyal clients of our company include a number of large corporations, city councils, housing associations, as well as both large and small-size businesses in need of our services for organised events. In addition to traveller eviction services, our security team is qualified to carry out a wide selection of important security tasks for individuals and groups in the area.

With years of experience to inform our efficient security methods, our guards are fully equipped with the expertise necessary to expertly carry out removal services for any unauthorised trespassers refusing to move on from a site.

Dealing with an illegal encampment on your property can be a stressful and potentially dangerous ordeal, and you do not have to face the task alone. By contacting K9 Mobile Security today, you can have unauthorised travellers lawfully removed from your land without compromising the safety of yourself or your property.

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