28 Nov

Why are dogs used in security?

Dogs have been companions to people for tens of thousands of years. And during that time, they have fulfilled various jobs, from helping with herding animals to simply providing companionship to people. But one kind of job that they have fulfilled so well is that of guard dogs. Even until today, dogs are still being widely used in a lot of security situations. For example, if you go to an airport, you will probably see a sniffer dog or two. And you probably know about the elite K9 units that the police have. Dogs are used a lot in security and safety, because of the following reasons.

Guard Dog

Superior senses

Dogs have got senses that are far superior to that of humans. They have got better hearing and smelling when compared to people, which makes them perfect for all kinds of security work. They can smell illicit substances because they have got such a powerful sense of smell. And they can hear minute sounds and disturbances in the air, which can allow them to pinpoint various noises or sources of sound. Both of those powerful canine senses have got practical applications in security work, such as tracking down criminals.


Dogs do not waver in their guard duties; they are always vigilant and waiting for something to occur. Unlike a normal human guard that will get bored or doze off on duty, dogs will never do that. They are incredibly steadfast in fulfilling the roles that they have as guards.

Dogs are loyal

One of the main reasons that guard dogs are used in security is because they are so loyal. Dogs cannot be bribed or even coerced into betraying their owners. So this makes guard dogs perfect for all kinds of security work. A problem trained dog would not let a thief get away, just because they have been given a treat. Dogs used in security are actually very loyal, and they will not switch allegiances at a drop of a hat.

Canines are easily trainable

Another excellent reason for why dogs are used a lot in security is because that they are easy to train. Dogs can be taught to do a wide variety of different tasks. And they can respond well to all kinds of commands, from nonverbal commands to spoken orders. This means that dogs can be versatile guards and can adapt to the different situations and emergencies because they can be easily taught. They can even be taught certain things, such as recognising regular and safe noises at night so that they can recognise if someone is breaking in.

Guard dogs are safe

Watchdog does not mean dangerous dog, although you must always follow the rules of caution when dealing with any trained dog, such as never leaving the dog alone and unattended with a child. However, guard dogs are still very safe and they will not do you any harm at all. Owning a guard dog is a real benefit and a great experience that must be tried out by everyone that wants more security.

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