05 Nov

How to deal with travellers on your land

Do you own some private property somewhere? If you do, then it is inevitable that you will encounter someone trespassing on it at one point or another. And there may even be some people who would stay on your property for extended periods of time. Travellers and intirant performers may come to your area, and if they do come to your place, then they could park themselves straight on your property. That alone can be a huge hassle because they are basically trespassing on your private property. However, other problems may also arise if travellers and other similar people are staying on your lot. For example, they may end up doing some minor or even major damage to your property. So this makes it crucial for you to know how to deal with this whole issue. If you encounter any travellers that are trespassing on your property, then you should read through this whole article.

What should you do to get them off?

Well, the first thing that you should do is to talk to the travellers themselves. See if you can negotiate a date for when they can leave. It would not help to escalate matters if are not aware of what to do when you are going to deal with those trespassing travellers. Try to see if you can reach an agreement on certain dates for when they can vacate the property or things that they should do while they are on your property. Technically, they would have to listen to you anyway, since they are on your land without your permission.

What can the police do?

Sadly, the police cannot do much initially in these kinds of issues. Trespassing itself is not a crime, it is a civil issue. So the whole problem has to be settled between the two parties, which in this case are the travellers and the owner of the property. Civil issues such as trespassing cannot be intervened in by the police unless an actual crime has occurred such as burglary or theft.

Prevention is key


If you really want to ensure that there are no travellers that are trespassing on your property, you have got to make sure that they cannot even get into your property in the first place. There are a bunch of things that you can do, in order to ensure that travellers are not going to end up squatting or trespassing on your land.

Build a fence – One simple way that you can prevent trespass on your property is to simply build a secure fence around it. This fence would effectively keep people out.

Hire a guard – Having a guard patrolling your property could also be a good idea. Security officers and guards actually have the power to make arrests on public property. The presence of a guard may also deter trespassers.

Consult with security agencies – You could also speak about this kind of issue with an actual security agency. Those agencies, which you talk to, can advise you on what to do to improve security around your property. This is so that trespassers will not be able to get in.

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