K9 Mobile Security Building Management Plymouth

K9 Mobile Security Building Management Plymouth

K9 Mobile Security’s Building Management Service offers complete peace of mind. We can produce a comprehensive package exclusive to your business needs.

We can provide the following;

Respond to BMS TREND alerts which can include;

  • Heating Failure
  • Air Conditioning Failure
  • Plant Room Equipment Failure
  • Lighting Failure
  • Leak Detection

We can also carry out internal building inspections during non working hours to ensure you are aware of any issues that could prevent core business activities. Internal checks include but not limited to;

  • Leaks
  • Electrical Appliance Faults
  • Lighting Failure/Faults
  • Access Control Failure/Faults
  • Fire Alarm Faults

We can also provide the following services;

  • Organise gritting in cold weather (We receive the local council’s predicted gritting updates)
  • Allow entry for Contractors/out of hours teams
  • Major Incident Response/Assistance

For more information or to discuss your requirements in detail and learn how K9 Mobile Security’s Building Management Service can benefit your business, contact us now for a free no obligation consultation!

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