18 Oct

7 Ways to keep your business theft proof

ThiefThere are generally two types of theft you have got to watch out for if you want to protect your business. These types of theft are external and internal theft. You will need to protect your business against both kinds of theft if you want to ensure that nothing is stolen inside of your stores.

External theft is committed by a person who is not formally part of your business. Robberies, shoplifting and other kinds of similar activities will fall under this category of theft.  While internal theft is committed by someone who works for your company. They can either steal from your business through fraud or even embezzlement. You should always take security measures seriously to deal with both types of theft.

Tips for preventing theft in your business

  1. Try to provide excellent customer service. Having attentive and dedicated employees will promote a legitimate clientele that will visit your store, and this also discourages shoplifters. Make sure that there are security cameras and mirrors installed to ensure that the whole part of your business is always in view. Those same security cameras and mirrors will also send a warning to any would-be thief that they are monitored. This would not only help your employees find shoplifters, but it can also help deter shoplifters and other criminal activities in your store.
  2. Check your inventory and keep track of any missing items. If you notice any items that are missing, then it could be a sign of a frequent shoplifter at your store. You will need to take action to ensure that no more goods become missing.
  3. Always keep the security aspect in mind when handling your money. Go to the bank only when it is light outside and there are a lot of people, and schedule it at varied times, and change your journey to the bank periodically. You never know who could be monitoring your activities, so that they can try to steal from you. Install a safety system and intervene at all times as soon as the safety alarm is triggered. This safety system will usually come in the form of a barcode alarm at your door.
  4. Check references of people you have just hired. It could be a good idea to check their background and also do a thorough check on them. And do not forget to do one-time audits of your accounting processes. You can do it yourself or you can hire an independent accountant. They may provide a more secure and unbiased account.
  5. Distribute tasks among your employees. The person responsible for receiving the money should not be so charged with the concordance of cash receipts. Each employee must be responsible for his or her own station or register. This will help prevent fraud done by your employees.
  6. You have got to also lay down the ground rules for company and business rules firmly. Be sure to solve any problem quickly and fairly. If you show a strong hand in dealing with your employees and any theft that may occur, you can discourage other employees from stealing anything from your business as well.
  7. Come up with some kind of anti-theft or security procedures for your business. An effective security procedure and plan may help you reduce the risk of theft and also help your business to improve safety.
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